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    Book your time with us so you can travel worry free. 

    We offer daily updates with pictures if you would like to know what you pup is doing & how happy they are.
We ARE not a boarding or kennel facility. Your pets become part of the pack and therefore live freely in our home. NO crates! 

    We guarantee your beloved will be happy here. Unsure? Just click "reviews" to read our many "happy tails"!
PLEASE read the cancellation policy 

 If you cancel after scheduling time, you are responsible for half the amount that would be collected. We live our lives around your pets care. Too many have canceled in past 6 months, while we love doggy kisses, they don't pay the bills.
Ongoing, half is due at time when you book the date. 
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Some information I would like to share 

www.pet-i-supply.com for best prices on heartguard and flea-tick meds 

Pet insurance;
Embrace & VPI pet insurance 

To ensure your beloved pet is getting the best food possible I recommend www.dogfoodadvisor.com 
If you are looking for a groomer to come to your home I suggest www.petgroomingsocomaine.com 
Six years ago visiting my mother in Florida.

Last summer with the pups on the beach. Summer is coming again soon! 
JoJo & Bella visited us.
Pumpkin my 8th foster man to the left and our 9th foster Sunny Redman 
WHO is hiding under the blanket? 
A fun trip to my private dog beach. Lots of shade when they are done swimming and playing 
Our foster boy of 13 short days now at his furever home. he was a real sweetie pie 
7/22/17 MTN DIVISION TRAIL doesn't take much time until they have us wrapped around their feet 
7/22 Maggie after enjoying swimming at otter ponds